He squeezed his eyes shut & thought/felt only the vibration he had experienced when he had encountered the entity. Unsure as to how to summon a similar episode, he also imagined painting a visual context to aid him in this first-ever attempt at conscious interaction. After all, he could only go on vids from the early 21st century in this bizarre endeavor.

”Are you OK, Sir ?” asked the male voice, which had him open his eyes suddenly to see an elderly lady staring at him with a combination of empathy and curiosity etched on her naked face. He demonstrated confusion as his mind failed to grasp the apparent discrepancy in voice and unmasked face, at which point the lady simply popped out of visual existence.

This was getting way too scary !

Waahed bin-Ahloh decided to call it a day and retreat to the familiar confines of Al-Kheima, devoid of his bulky life suit and enveloped in the warmth & familiarity of the city. The thought alone provided him with the patience required to trudge through the sticky sand that hampered his every step.

Moments after he spotted the much-anticipated dome of his beloved Al-Kheima he was suddenly, literally, yanked back and off of his booted feet…..into oblivion.



Beware of those who frequently use obscenities.

Beware of those who talk too much.

Beware of those who talk too little.

Beware of those who pause too long before answering.

Beware of those who are too polysyllabic (big words).

Beware of those who use the word ‘like’ every two seconds.

Beware of those who discuss life and death, as they have never consciously experienced them.

Beware of those who laugh or giggle too much.

Beware of those who deny that all words are relative.